Pita Home Delivery

   1 Bag with 6 White Pita Bread      1 Bag with 6 Wheat Pita Bread

                Tired of bad pita bread?


"You may cancel at anytime during your subscription."


Do not let the supermarkets decide what you eat. There are other options and it's only a click away.


We deliver our pita bread on a bi-weekly basis. Each delivery consists of 4 bags. You have three options to choose from: 

4 bags of white pita/wraps
4 bags of wheat pita/wraps


Pick from either:

3.5-inch mini pitas, 7-inch pitas or 9-inch wraps

Pita/Wrap Bread Type


Deliveries will be made bi-weekly on Mondays or Wednesdays!


Only shipping addresses within our delivery zone will be fulfilled. To check if you live within our delivery zone click here.