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How It Works


  • Click on the "BAKESHOP" link on the top of the page and choose your favorite food item! You have the option to choose the dough you prefer for the baked goods. You can also choose the filling, whether you want a vegetarian or meat filling.


  • You fill up your cart with the items you like (there is currently a $300 minimum for homes and $500 for businesses) for all orders. You then follow the instructions to check out and pay for your order. After you pay for your order you can send us a message on the contact us icon to let us know what day and time works for delivery or pickup. Please leave a phone number for us to contact you for easier communication.


  • After we've decided on a time and day that's convenient, we then prepare you order from scratch using the freshest ingredients available and hand deliver your order to your home or office! Pickup is also available. Most deliveries are done in the afternoon or evening time. 


  •  This is the best and easiest part, open the box and enjoy the food! You will want to tell everyone you know about us once you tasted our delicious creations.